security for digital information

Our solution enables reduced risks of intellectual property losses, high administrative costs, fines, and lawsuits associated with complying with information management policies, laws, and regulations. It also enables increased revenue due to creation of new forms of business.

Stop Information Leaks before They Stop You
Network Computing January 23, 2003 article titled “Enemies Inside the Gates” stated that “Perimeter security is not enough . . . We must become less perimeter-centric and more asset-centric. . . Without a firm grasp of what we’re guarding, where it resides and how valuable it is, how can we hope to quantify necessary levels of protection, much less achieve them?”

Our solution therefore provides the asset-centric protection needed to control information use by everyone everywhere. Today's document management and messaging solutions offer only limited security. Once confidential documents are sent outside of the management system, they are vulnerable to viewing, printing or distributing to anyone. Simply trusting that authorized users will not make mistakes in use is already proven to guarantee losses. Assuming that computer viruses won't send your files out of your system is not a good bet. With our solution, the high risk of loss is replaced by confidence by implementing the following functions and benefits:

Strong Encryption without key management

  • Securing a file by clicking Secure and selecting permissions. Files may then be stored and transmitted in any manner using the standard emailing and storage tools.
  • Military-strength AES 256 bit encryption.
  • Requires only the email address of an intended user to provide file access