To ensure our clients have access to the right technology solutions that meet their business requirements, we carry out extensive site preparation and implement structured cabling systems for data, telephony and power as well as deploy application layer solutions for the business.

Structured Connectivity Solutions are about quality, innovation, integration and advancing network performance, and therefore we break down the barriers between technologies to make it easier for people to share information and create value for their business. We work closely with our clients and proffer the right solutions to their business challenges.

Vanfrank deploys secure hybrid infrastructures comprising wireless and hard-wired LAN and WAN environments. Our reputation as a consistent technology and service supplier in the industry is based on our unique approach to systems integration.

Our structured connectivity solutions comply with EIA/TIA Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard. This Standard specifies a generic telecommunications cabling system for commercial buildings that will support a multi-product, multi-vendor environment.

The objectives of such standards are to:

  • Define a generic voice and data wiring system that is multi-purpose and multi-vendor.
  • Help minimize Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Simplify network administration using practical patch management and cable identification strategies.