core competences

Over the years, Vanfrank has completed a host of IT-related projects ranging from network infrastructure rollout to office automation. We have collaborated with local and multinational companies on various projects. We have also supported E&P companies, and teamed up with some of the finest IT service providers around the world on complex yet interesting network infrastructure roll out projects on oil exploration and production facilities including Land and Offshore Rigs; Floating Point Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels; Mobile Offshore Production Units (MOPU) and Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) platforms.

Vanfrank has consistently built its capacity to engage in very challenging projects and diversified its service offerings through constant adaptation to the growing needs of the market. We have been very committed to human capital development as we emphasize the need for professionalism and excellence in the discharge of our responsibilities, while not compromising our client relationship management thrust.

The following is a selection of some of the projects we have undertaken:

  • Network Infrastructure rollout >>>
  • IT resourcing for enterprises
  • Implementation of Intranets for messaging and collaboration
  • Domain Hosting and Management services
  • Bandwidth optimization through Internet content filtering
  • Telecommunications infrastructure rollout
  • Fiber optic connectivity solutions

Technical Support & Service Desk
Geared towards ensuring zero downtime.

Network Infrastructure & System Integration
Structured Connectivity Solutions that guarantee seamless interoperability.

Consulting Services
Propels you to the forefront of innovative Information Technology.

Network Security & Business Continuity
Secure, undisrupted computing guaranteed.

Managed Services
Guarantees lower Total Cost of Ownership and high availability.

Intranets & Business Process Automation
Application Layer Solutions ensure you stay connected and work smart.